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Home > スポンサー広告 > Bedini SSG is not Free Energy Device ?

Home > Bedini Motor > Bedini SSG is not Free Energy Device ?

Bedini SSG is not Free Energy Device ?

Bedini SSG が Overunity / Free Energy な装置なのかどうか、少し調べてみました。(とりあえず実験は後回し)

* My conclusion after experiments is at the last.
Bedini_Monopole3 の Yahoo! Group の投稿を読んでいたら、こんな感じで書いてありました。

以下は、 SSG 回路で色々試したものの Overunity を実現できなかった Ben さんからの投稿。
どうやったら Overunity を実現できるか、みんなにアドバイスを求めています。

記事番号: #7235

My first SSG has a low rpm and no overunity
From: "benosheep"
Date: Sat Feb 14, 2009 11:07 am

Hi Everyone,

I was happy with my motor running two weeks ago, but I have poor results with regards to overunity.

Though the charge battery does get charged, eventually both batteries are going below 12 V, even with switching between them every few minutes.

I have 6 magnets on a rotor of about 20cm diameter. I cannot get it to run higher than 500 rpm. I assume the low rpm is the problem.

I have tried a lot of things :

different type of magnets.
4 instead of 6 magnets.
Supply by 12.5V AC/DC supply unit instead of 12V battery.
All kind of different resistors, from 100 Ohm total to 2500 Ohm total.

I have no idea anymore where to search for the cause of the problem.
If anyone has any suggestions, please tell me.

Many, many thanks in advance for any advise.


それに対する返事の1つがこれ。 Ben さんより。


Re: My first SSG has a low rpm and no overunity
From: Marcus Searson
Date: Sat Feb 14, 2009 6:13 pm

Hi Ben.

Read message number 6900 from Marcia. It's a lovely clear explanation of why battery swapping doesn't work with this circuit.

(This circuit is not designed to demonstrate overunity. It's designed to show you the qualities of the radiant energy, which is different from conventional charging which uses amps)

There are other circuits which, i hope too, will demonstrate the overunity aspect of this technology but the simple SSG circtuit isn't it. It is facinating nevertheless because it shows that we're dealing with something very different here and it's a good place to start to experiment.


記事 #6900 の Marcia さんからの投稿を読むように伝えています。その記事に、なぜこの SSG 回路では Overunity にならないのか、その理由が明白に書いてある、と。

というわけで、その Marcia さんの #6900 の投稿。


Subject: Re: SSG marquetzl
From: "Marcia Stockton"
Date: Mon Jan 26, 2009 3:43 pm

Battery swapping sounds nice theoretically, but in practice it doesn't work over more than a few cycles.
バッテリー入換え/交換 は、理論的には素晴らしく聞こえますが、実際には数サイクル以上は続きません。

There are many reasons why it doesn't work, discussed on this list and elsewhere.

The SSG is just a simple prototype device designed to be very easy to build and demonstrate anomalous negligible-current charging, not a highly efficient tuned high-power unit.
SSG は、ただのシンプルな試作機です。

The kind of charge received by the SSG charge-battery, as I understand it, produces improvements in charge-battery structure and electrochemistry.

Sulfation is removed and, eventually, a fine grained crystalline structure grows on the plates with much more surface area. Hence, a better battery. But the crystal growth is fragile. After being charged, this battery can power DC loads -- a light, a resistor -- just fine. The problem comes if you try to power a pulsed load like the SSG motor.

If you swap the batteries, the former charge battery (now in thet powering role) is hit with pulses drawing current from the battery in a periodic fashion.

This kind of pulsed load stresses the crystal growth on the plates and quickly makes its mechanical structure fail, causing particles to fall off the plate and the surface area to quickly revert to normal. That means the battery discharges quickly, loses any benefits it got from SSG charging, and becomes no better than the ordinary battery it was before the experiment.

So the SSG is not a suitable setup for battery swapping. It was never intended to support this.
なので、 SSG はバッテリー交換(し続けて永久に走らせる?)には適さない構成になっていますし、元よりバッテリー交換のサポートは意図されていません。

If you are interested in battery swapping, I suggest first completing the SSG experiment using a standard charger or Renaissance charger or 12V power supply to keep the powering battery up, and never swapping. You are solely looking at what happens to the charging battery, compared with an equivalent battery charged only in the standard way.

Then try Rick's fan kit, which I have heard does support battery swapping. Or apply for the advanced groups where you can learn about other systems where you can expect more success with that.

I have done the battery swapping experiment with an SSG and captured a heap of test data, enough to satisfy myself that the theoretical explanation fits the results. Over a number of swap cycles, both batteries gradually got worse and worse, or failed to become as well charged over the same time interval.

Hope that helps. I'm indebted to DMR and a few others for the insight about the battery electrochemistry and plate structure. DMR did some experiments with a transparent home made battery, and then physically and microscopically observed what happens to the plates of an SSG-charged battery. Then John Bedini confirmed certain aspects of DMR's hypothesis from his decades of experience.

So I feel our understanding is on track here.


せっかくこれから SSG を動くよう調整しようという所なのに・・・(-"-)

確か Marcia さん別の記事で、 『 Bedini SSG は Overunity ではないようです。しかし Bedini Motor はきっと Overunity なのでしょう。 』 と書いておりました。

・・・ Bedini Motor にトライせねばいけないようです。|o|

追記 2009.04.30
そういえば、 Bedini SSG の紹介を載せているサイト( John Bedini さんのとこかな?)で、
『 School Girl が efficiency なモーターを作った 』

Bedini SSG Motor は、娘さんが作った効率の良いモーター(というか充電器)なのかもね。

というわけで、おやじさんの作った Bedini Motor に期待!

追記 P.S. 2009.05.29
私の CD-R 利用のへぼい Bedini SSG での実験でも、 0.05V の消費で、2.05V 充電できました。
ということは COP がナント 4000%を超えました(バッテリーの電圧を単純計算しただけですが)。

With my tiny SSG,
Only 0.05V was used from Drive Battery, then 2.05V was charged to Charge Battery.
So... COP is over 4000% (just on the Voltage of batteries).

おそらく OverUnity 発電機と言えるのではないでしょうか!?

It's not just a charger.
It seems to be a OverUnity Generator.

ここに載せた YouTube ビデオを”直接”開いてください。(詳細)欄にちょいとだけ追記をしてあります。

Guys, lets build it !


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